First in a new mystery series, hemingway deadlights is coming to stores  August '09!

This week's DVD column -- the Brit white-knuckler London to Brighton, and Azazel Jacobs's The GoodTimesKid -- at IFC.com

Powell & Pressburger's The Small Back Room, The L Magazine, 8/7/09

9/11 conspiracy docs, plus the samurai pulp classic Sleepy Eyes of Death, IFC.com, 8/4/09

Polanski's Repulsion, and '60s-football doc Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, IFC.com, 8/4/09

"Vivre sa Vie," The L Magazine, 7/28/09

"Thunder Roads: Gangster Movies in Search of America's Nomad Soul," Sight & Sound, 7/09

On Godard's autobio wasteland Made in U.S.A., and the tweedy Barrymore silent Sherlock Holmes -- at IFC.com, 7/21/09

Amos Gitai's One Day You'll Understand, and the Belgian road comedy Eldorado -- at IFC.com, 7/14/09

"Project X: Revisiting the Season of the Blair Witch," Moving Image Source, 7/17/09

The Carax-Bong-Gondry omnibus Tokyo!, and Chico Teixeira's Alice's House -- IFC.com, 7/7/09

Alain Resnais's Last Year at Marienbad, and Amat Escalante's Los Bastardos, at IFC.com, 6/30/09

Fish Story at the NYAFF, The L Magazine, 6/24/09

On the Chinese heartbreaker In Love We Trust, and Godard's Une Femme Mariee, IFC.com, 6/16/09

On Tarkovsky's Solaris as it's mediated by the fab new Japanese film The Clone Returns Home, at The Criterion Collection, 6/17/09

Summing up Lewis Klahr's Tales of the Forgotten Future, at The L Magazine, 6/3/09

On The Friends of Eddie Coyle and Tarkovsky's Voyage in Time, IFC.com, 5/19/09

Quick pitch for Alexei German Sr.'s My Friend Ivan Lapshin, L Magazine, 5/19/09

"Endless Summer: Edward Yang's A Brighter Summer Day," at Moving Image Source, 5/18/09

Azazel Jacobs's Momma's Man, and Terence Davies's Of Time and the City, IFC.com, 5/12/09

On Wendy & Lucy, and Chris Marker's A Grin without a Cat, at IFC.com, 5/5/09

"Time Regained: Remembering Julien Duvivier," Moving Image Source, 5/4/09

"Ironweed," TCM.com, 4/12/09

William Wellman's pre-Code films (especially Other Men's Women and Wild Boys of the Road), plus The Believer's album of Godardabilia, JLG in USA, at IFC.com, 3/31/09

Revisiting Guy Maddin's Careful, TCM.com, 3/09

Hiroshi Shimizu and Ornamental Hairpin, and Visconti's L'Innocente, at IFC.com, 3/17/09

On Zizek and The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, and Charlie Kaufman and Synecdoche, New York, at IFC.com, 3/10/09

"The Bright Side of Genocide: the New Holocaust Movies," In These Times, 3/9/09

A glimpse of my piece on the aesthetic of Polish movie posters (w/ illustrated gatefold!), in The Believer, 3/09

"Ashes of Time: On the death of VHS," Moving Image Source, 2/26/09

Godfrey Cheshire's Moving Midway, and, inexplicably, The Midnight Meat Train, IFC.com, 2/24/09

On Luis Bunuel and Simon of the Desert, IFC.com, 2/10/09

"Waltz with Bashir," In These Times, 2/12/09

On William Friedkin, retro'd at the Harvard Film Archives, Boston Phoenix, 2/11/09

On Carol Reed's Our Man in Havana, IFC.com, 2/3/09

"Ferrari's Dillinger Is Dead," at BAM, 1/29/09

"Rossellini's The Taking of Power by Louis XIV," IFC.com, 1/20/09

"Che," The Boston Phoenix, 1/13/09

"Marco Bellochio's The Wedding Director, and Michael Powell's A Matter of Life and Death," IFC.com, 1/6/09

"Hong Sang-soo's Woman on the Beach, and Nina Davenport's Operation Filmmaker," IFC.com, 12/30/08

"The Best Straight-to-DVD Releases of 2008," and #1 is a forgotten Larry Jordan animation!, IFC.com, 12/17/08

On Sam Fuller's White Dog, and Werner Herzog's Ballad of the Little Soldier, IFC.com, 12/16/08

"Silent Light: Frank Borzage at Fox, in the Shadow of Sunrise, and on the Brink of Sound," Moving Image Source, 12/16/08

Assayas's Irma Vep, IFC.com, 12/9/08

On Jia Zhangke's Still Life, and Roberto Rossellini's always-forgotten Era Notte a Roma, IFC.com, 12/2/08

"Children of Paradise: How to Watch Hal Roach's Our Gang Comedies and Why," Moving Image Source, 11/20/08

On the excruciating pulp satires of Minoru Kawasaki, and Keaton's The General, IFC.com, 11/18/08

On the occasion of W., a mad rummage through "Bush-era cinema," in Sight & Sound, Dec. '08

On Budd Boetticher, and Ousmane Sembene's Camp de Thiaroye, IFC.com, 11/11/08

"Ends of the Earth: The 20th Annual Boston Jewish Film Festival," The Boston Phoenix, 11/5/08

"Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising," In These Times, 11/5/08

On Hou's Flight of the Red Balloon, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, IFC.com, 10/28/08

"The Shadow Army: The Thin Red Line Ten Years After," Moving Image Source, 10/28/08

"Paris vu par... (Six in Paris), and Lewis Milestone's Arch of Triumph," IFC.com, 10/21/08

"First Person Plural: Mike Leigh's Search for Happiness," Moving Image Source, 10/17/08

"Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Doulos and Le Deuxieme Souffle," IFC.com, 10/14/08

"Boy A", IFC.com, 10/7/08

Saluting Children's Poetry Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman, at The Poetry Foundation, 10/8/08

"Be My Knife: Sex as Transgression and Transaction in Oshima's Political Erotica," Moving Image Source, 9/30/08

"Mr. Vengeance: The Bill Douglas Trilogy," Moving Image Source, 9/22/08

"Aki Kaurismaki's Proletariat Trilogy," at IFC.com, 9/24/08

"Mon Oncle Antoine," TCM.com, 9/22/08

"Who Needs Critics?" -- an optimistic symposium of critics loving other critics, in Sight & Sound, 9/08

"The Title Above the Name," in which I consider the value of poetry book titles, at The Poetry Foundation, 9/10/08

"Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, IFC.com, 9/2/08

"Kino Pravda" -- Mosfilm and Russian cinema history, in Boston, Boston Phoenix, 8/26/08

"The Man in the Glass Booth," The Forward, 8/18/08

"Hellboy II: The Golden Army," Sight & Sound, 8/08

"On DVD: the films of Larisa Shepitko," IFC.com, 8/12/08

"Hotel Berlin," TCM.com, 9/08

"Dystopian Idol: The Ignored Prophecies of Peter Watkins's Privilege, Moving Image Source, 8/25/08

Dreamy contributions from me plus 49 others to "The Lost World of the Double Bill," Sight & Sound, 8/08

"St. Bill of Illinois: The Poignant Case for William Holden," Moving Image Source, 7/2/08

"My Blueberry Nights, IFC.com, 7/2/08

"Robert Wiene's The Hands of Orlac," TCM.com, 7/2/08

"Pabst's Secrets of a Soul," TCM.com, 7/1/08

"Chris Marker and The Last Bolshevik, IFC.com, 6/24/08

"Outskirts of the Kingdom: Werner Herzog," Moving Image Source, 6/4/08

"The Delirious Fictions of William Klein," IFC.com, 5/27/08

"A Human Being!: Philip Schultz and Failure," Poetryfoundation.org, 5/24/08

"Darkness Visible: HFA's 'Unseen Noir' retro," Boston Phoenix, 5/19/08

"Errol Morris's Myopia: Standard Operating Procedure," In These Times, 5/13/08

"Todd Haynes's I'm Not There and Abel Gance's La Roue, IFC.com, 5/13/08

"Ray Harryhausen's Earth vs. the Flying Saucers and It Came from Beneath the Sea," The Stranger, 5/08

"Anna Karina and the American Night," The Believer, March-April '08

"Harry Houdini, Movie Star," TCM.com, 4/08

"The New York Underground Film Festival's Last Hurrah," The IFC Blog, 4/4/08

"The Stepford Wives," TCM.com, 4/08

"Moving Targets: The Iraq War on Film," Modern Painters, 4/08

"Ousmane Sembene's Moolaade and Otto Preminger's Daisy Kenyon, IFC.com, 3/25/08

"Sergei Paradjanov on DVD," TCM.com, 3/08

"JewishFilm 2008," The Boston Phoenix, 3/25/08

"Hell Boy: Berlin Alexanderplatz," The Boston Phoenix, 3/18/08

My case for George Melies, at IFC.com, 3/17/08

"Portuguese Man of War: Manoel de Oliveira," The Boston Phoenix, 3/12/08

My latest liner notes for The Criterion Collection: Cornel Wilde's The Naked Prey, Jules Dassin's Brute Force, and Shohei Imamura's Vengeance Is Mine. Plus: an original video "essay," for Lodge Kerrigan's Clean, Shaven. And for Zeitgeist: Phantom Museums: The Short Films of the Brothers Quay

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